Distant Healing

What is Distant Healing?

Distant or “non-local” healing involves the transmission of universal healing energies from a trained practitioner to a recipient and can involve different energy therapies. Healing energy is channeled and focused with specific intent.

Remote healing involves one person (or a group of people) sending or directing Universal Life Energy to another person (or persons) in a different location. It does not matter if the other location is in the next room or across the ocean in another continent in a different time zone. Remote healing operates on the premise that energy is not limited by time or space, and it is enabled by Divine connections. It doesn’t matter what your scientific, religious or spiritual beliefs are – it works. It can work on specific issues or general conditions.

Distant healing is effective and has been practiced for thousands of years, yet in the face of our modern culture’s preoccupation with current scientific and medical practices, people often are unfamiliar with it. Remote healing can be an excellent compliment to other treatment modalities – it is not an all-or-nothing proposition. It works well on otherwise chronic conditions that can be overlooked by other treatments.

In a remote healing session, Avelia as the healer first links into the vibrational energy signature of the client. Using her 6th sense, in combination with Divine guidance, she sees, experiences and knows what is operating in the recipient’s energy field that requires attention. Using various healing therapies such as The Bowen Technique, she is able to shift blockages and remove densities, enabling a much healthier energy flow for the recipient.