Bowen Therapy

Where did the Bowen Technique originate? The Bowen Technique was developed in the 1950s by the late Tom Bowen from Geelong, Australia. Mr. Bowen became a celebrated therapist, regularly treating over 13,000 patients each year. In 1974, he invited Oswald Rentsch and his wife Elaine to study with him and document his work. Dedicated to preserving the technique and ensuring that it is taught in its original form, Oswald and Elaine founded the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in 1987. What is it and how does it work? Bowenwork, the original Bowen Technique, is a gentle form of body work during which very subtle moves performed over muscles and connective tissue send messages deep into the body, retrieving memory of a preferred, relaxed, balanced way of well-being. The impulse created by the move stimulates a response that reverberates throughout the fascia thereby effecting nerves, lymphatic’s, organ function, muscles, and joints. Bowenwork does not use forceful manipulation and can be used on anyone regardless of their health status including the very frail, elderly, newborns and trained athletes. The technique has the ability to improve function in a gentle but profound way. Bowen relaxes the body. Only a few moves help the body to reach a level of deep relaxation. In this state everything is easy. The autonomic nervous system calms down, the body can work in peace and find its equilibrium. Healing is possible. Many people fall asleep during treatment. This can even be a sign of relief, especially for “thinking” types of people for whom it is difficult to let go. Bowen stimulates the self-healing power. Starting from the brain, information is transferred to the body. When moves are applied to specific points, the body becomes aware of the area needing attention. This is followed by a flow of energy and nerve impulse. Because or the interaction of the nerves and other control points within the body, effects can occur in other parts of the body as well. Bowen releases the energy flow. In Far-Eastern medicine, the energy conductors of the body are called “meridians”. As well as the nerves, which are used in Western medicine as an explanation for the effect, the meridians and their increased energy flow can also support healing processes. More vitality is noticeable through energy flow. For more information about Bowen go to www.bowtech.comCan Bowenwork help me? The original Bowen Technique can assist In recovery from many conditions, from traumatic injury to chronic illness. The technique should be considered for:
  • back pain, sciatica
  • digestive and bowel problems, IBS
  • migraines
  • mental/emotional stress
  • fibromyalgia, CFS
  • infant colic
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • knee, ankle, and foot problems
  • menstrual and hormonal irregularities
  • infertility
  • sports and accident injuries
  • neck/shoulder problems
  • frozen shoulder
  • bedwetting
  • groin pain and pelvic tilt
  • prostate problems
  • respiratory problems
  • carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI
  • tennis or golf elbow
  • any condition where pain or imbalance exists
Bowen Therapy ​ 1 session – $65 Package of 6 sessions – $325 ​ Special for two people at the same session – $110 ​ Child session – $50 Contact Avelia To book your Bowen Therapy Session (613) 806-3602 (cell)

Bowen Therapy Testimonials

Avelia’s client had a long history of Chronic Fatigue. “For the first time in 17 years I was able to receive my family for a supper last Sunday. I was also able to control my stress days before.”

-L.M. 2014 


With Bowen I have been able to destress a lot more, then I use to. I have found more relief from Bowen for my issues than conventional methods.

-K.R. June 17 2015

Hello Avelia, how are you ? I’m doing good. Your treatment helped me, The day after, my left leg below the knee was very sore and the knee very swollen. Wednesday morning almost all the swelling was gone and no more pain. Thank you for letting me get rid of some emotions which I thought were never a problem.

Louise B. March 2012

I would like to thank you Avelia, for your time and kindness. At first, I was curious to see my aura and really appreciated that time you took to ecplain what you saw, and for sharing a lot of information about my chakras. It made a lot of sense for me. You also said that you can help me harmonize the chakras by adjusting the engery with Bowen technique treatment. I was curious at first because I also work with energy, I practice Qigong and Reiki. The treatments are very subtle but the effect seems to last. I’ve received 5 treatments so far and lost 10 pounds in the last month. I had been trying to lose weight for so long but was unable to do it. The best part is I now have the will power to change my nutrition. I also regulated my blood sugar to normal. During the 5th treatment a lot of things happened. Avelia told me to look toward the sentiment of feeling worthless. The first thing that came to my mind was a situation with my father, because he was very demanding on us as kids. Avelia told me the best way to change things around is to forgive my father and myself. During the night after the treatment I woke up with a sore throat. It was like a hitch in the throat and lasted for a week. I realized I had to look somewhere else. I asked for guidance during a meditiation, and a situation with my mother when I was 6 years resurfaced. I tried to forgive and the next morning, the hitch was gone. After that a lot of small things from my childhood came back to me and I was able to clear them and now I feel like I have regained my power.

Thanks again. I recommend the Bowen Therapy to everybody.

-Henri Brisson